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Why to choose Fitness Bootcamp at 420 Fitness Playground?

Because 420FP is built based on our very own stories of our co-founders. Our co-founders Jackie Mai and Giang Pham is the couple that used to have an unhealthy lifestyle causing them to suffer from bad health issues such as overweight, depression, mood swing, lack of confident, etc...

Realizing that this is not the life that they want to live, they have made a significant change to improve their health through the help of fitness. After years of learning about fitness, they have reached their desired health status and now they want to share their stories to people with the faith of making the world a better place.

Our Fitness Bootcamp is the first outdoor training environment in Vietnam, with a special method aiming for the slogan “Simple & Functional”, which focus on the 6 basic movements of our human body (Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Hip Hinge, Loaded Carry) to help us function our body better in our daily routine.

Furthermore, our head coaches are certified as international coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), so they know exactly how to work with different cases.

In 420FP Fitness Bootcamp, we call our members “Warriors”, because in our bootcamp, we teach people how to fight. Only this time, the fight is between their own selves.

The warriors in 420FP Fitness Bootcamp will get to learn how to control the body and mind effectively in a challenging environment with the lead of our experienced coaches.

Our training program is designed to build Cardiovascular, Endurance, Strength altogether within a whole week so that it is not just only more effective but also more fun for you guys!

Besides, in our bootcamp, we usually work as a team, therefore it is a very good chance if you like to make some new friends.

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