Happy 2nd anniversary 420 Fitness Playground

Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of 420FP with the message "Be a warrior not a worrier". On October 31, 2020, to mix with the atmosphere of the biggest carnival in the world, 420 Fitness Playground held a "fucked up party" to celebrate the 2-year-anniversary with the theme "Be a Warrior not a worrier”. The event has attracted a large number of " warriors" to participate and also very honored to receive the companionship of many Sponsors.

The process of preparation has been done several days ago from the script of the show's contents, prepare"quality exercises"in the Bootcamp, the challenges, to the Warrior costumes for the staffs. All things are carefully invested by the 420FP.

In this event, 420FP has not only attracted a large number of familliar customers who are practicing at 420FP, but visitors are also impressed by the most unique and special Event ever. Although it rained a little before the event, it had not shake the will of the warriors in their journey of conquering the challenge, overcoming their fears, overcoming their limits.

The program has received support from Sponsors with Healthy foods and drinks. 420FP would like to sincerely thank to Salad Stop with tasty nutritious Wrap dishes, Deku Salad with delicious salad boxes, LadyBuhhda Kombucha with wonderful herbal tea bottles.

Overcoming the challenges of the organizers, the 2 best warriors who completed the challenge in the fastest time received gifts from sponsors and 3 months of free Bootcamp training at 420FP. Besides, unexpected than the excellent child warrior overcoming other warriors to receive gifts at the Plank challenge.

Let's review some special pictures in the" fucked up party" the-2-year-anniversary of 420FP.

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